Link Power Supply

  • Supply and Fieldbus on the same line
  • Low residual ripple of the output voltage
  • Short circuit and over current monitoring
  • Type of bus termination externally selectable
  • Output current limitation
  • Thermal monitoring
  • Variants for 120 V and 230 V supply


Power supply for LON networks in Link Power technology. The Easylon Link Power Supply is designed for the use in networks with free and bus topology. It satisfies with both, its compact design and its excellent technical features: Overload protection at 2.3 A, residual ripple of the output voltage below 80 mV, galvanic isolation of input and output voltage, internal no load, overload and short-circuit protection.

The high efficiency of the power pack of more than 75 % reduces heating of switching cabinets. The EMC classification makes the module the perfect choice for industrial as well as building and home automation networks.

Automatic restart of the Easylon Link Power Supply at failures increases the usability of the device. The possibility to set the type of bus termination by a switch is comfortable.

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