A simple REST interface cloud connectivity

  • Data transfer using RESTful webservices
  • Secure communication through TLS 1.2. encryption
  • No data loss due to buffer storage on ReceiverLAN
  • Software update for ReceiverLAN is carried over webservice
  • Receiver/LAN can be operated behind a firewall without special configuration
  • Simple commissioning

For companies with high quality awareness, we offer a new solution for monitoring the operating temperatures. For companies such as local restaurants, cafés or convenience shops that do not use their own cloud, we still offer the cloud solution with tocata. With the growing use of its own clouds, GesySense has developed a service that can be easily integrated into your system: the GesySense webservice offers the simplest and most elegant solution for connecting to your own cloud. The preconfigured ReceiverLAN and sensors only needs to be hung up in right places and the rest is taken care by the webservices.

You need:

  •          Your own cloud connection
  •          GesySense wireless sensors
  •          A ReceiverLAN
  •          Repeater (optional)

In some places temperatures have to be measured and evaluated regularly. This is why automatic processes are particularly important to facilitate the work. The GesySense wireless sensor system is implemented with a REST interface. The REST-based service sends the data measured by the sensors from the receiverLAN to the server. Communication through the REST interface is realized by JSON (JavaScript Object Notation).

State-of-the-art encryption

All data traffic to and from the ReceiverLAN is encrypted via Transport Layer Security (TLS). GesySense uses the protocol version TLS 1.2, the advantage of GesySense webservices is that the connections are highly secure and cost-effective. To ensure that the data of your sensors is not lost, it is stored temporarily on the SD card of the ReceiverLAN. The GesySense webservice provides security through state-of-the-art encryption and authentication.


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