GesySense in Frozen Food Delivery

  • Reliable temperature logging in vehicle
  • Radio data transfer to data center
  • Local cotrol of energy supply for cooling
  • Operating hours recording  for optimized energy consumption
  • Easy retrofitting

Data Logging plus Control of Energy Use

Under the HACCP approach, continuous temperature recording is required for transport of cooling mandatory products such as comestible goods and pharmaceutical products (temperature controlled transport). This also applies to the delivery to the consumer. Using a suitable temperature logging, however, additionally allows for optimization of the cooling system operation.

The task is clear:

  • Continuously record temperatures
  • Monitor and control the cooling system
  • Optimize energy consumption

For this purpose just a few simple things are required:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Temperature logging and threshold recognition
  • Control switch
  • Data system integration

Flexible by Radio

A battery operated, radio based system is available for mobile use, allowing for continuous logging of the temperature development inside the vehicle. At its operational base within radio distance of the receiver data is transmitted wireless to the company’s data system.

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Adjustment of the Cooling Cycle

Apart from the control parameter settings re-ceived via radio, a local adjustment control includ-ing a contactor to switch power supply on and off is required to adjust the cooling process during parking times at night and on weekends. A digital sensor connected to the cooling aggregate can capture those operating times in addition and transmit them wireless as well. Thus the energy needs for the cooling system can be captured allowing for determination of saving potentials related to energy consumption.

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The solution

The wireless sensor system GesySense provides the appropriate sensor-actuator module SAM 2PT-2D-1R offering two PT1000 sensors, a digital input and a switching relay. The GesySense ReceiverLAN is used as receiving station for data transmission from the vehicle and to transmit the control parameters to the module. The PC program GesySense LogIt is available for testing and evalu-ation purposes. The system can also be easily integrated in other applications.

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Does it pay off?

The balance between the risk of a potential damage in goods and the investment can be calculated.

When will the investment in a new system be amortized?

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