GesySense in Supermarkets

  • Reliable temperature logging in chest freezers and chiller cabinets
  • Logging of storage temperatures
  • Pulse counter capturing
  • Cooling device alert monitoring
  • Easy retrofitting
  • Local connection to building automation
  • Data transfer to IT control centers
  • Optimization of energy consumption based on continuous temperature monitoring

Cool Calculation Requires Data

Cooling devices are power hogs. To operate them as close as possible to the temperature limits is only sensible with respect to environmentally friendly energy usage and economic requirements.

If no devices to capture the current temperature are available in chest freezers, chuiller cabinets, storage areas and crucial sections of the store, a radio based temperature logging represents the most smart solution for retrofitting – especially if the sensors are powered by batteries.

GesySense wireless thermo sensors are fast to be retrofitted. No matter if for frozen foods or dairy cabinets – the compact sensor modules are provided with easy to handle and secure fasteners. If required, they can also be flexibly used in different locations. 

Especially for implementing an HACCP base system, wireless sensor modules with their reliable recording are a straightforeward solution.

Temperature Values from every Spot

Every 5 minutes GesySense temperature sensors transmit the current value from the upper load limit of the chest freezers or from the ceiling of the chiller cabinets and closets. The GesySense wireless receiver captures the data of all sensors within the store and transfers them – this time via a serial line – to a data server.

The data serveris intermediate storage for values and connector to superordinate IT systems. It can also be connected to other devices of the building control system, capturing those data as well. Being a local evaluation computer it also can generate alerts from the data received and transfer them to the responsible stations. If necessary, temperature profiles and alerts can be visualized on a local, separate networked PC.

Temperatures are not only transmitted from chest freezers and chiller cabinets; values from other spots of the store are relevant to evaluate the total situation: Vegetables, chocolate, storage rooms or indoor or outdoor reference points. Mobile or temporarily used freezers installed in alternating locations suche as in the check-out or special offers areas can also be included into the temperature monitoring

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Alerts and Consumption data

Digital sensor modules report the status of connected devices., thus monitoring devices concerning failures. Further a cold-store door simply not properly closed for some time can be monitored; a simple access alert can also be realized.

But GesySense digital sensors can also count. The counter sensor captures the consumption values and transmits them via radio to the central data base. Thus a consumption recording can be set-up quickly.

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Fast and Flexible Installation

The components of the GesySense system can be installed and commissioned unobtrusively and with minimal expenditure of time. 

The flat, battery operated sensor modules whose housings meet all requirements related to foodstuffs are fixed to the measuring points in chest freezers, chiller cabinets and other relevant spots. Due to radio transmission of temperature and device status no lines are required. Just repeaters, eventually used to expand the transmission path, and the receiver need mains supply. These components can be placed unobtrusively behind suspended ceilings or the in the utility connection room. 

Further information related to technology and commissioning is available here …

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Does it pay off?

The balance between the risk of a potential damage in goods and the investment can be calculated.

When will the investment in a new system be amortized?

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