GesySense System Components

The following components constitute the GesySense® system

  • Battery operated wireless sensors continuously radio transmit measured values from the measuring point.
  • Battery operated wireless loggers store measured values locally but can as well transmit immediately.
  • If necerssary, Repeaters bridge long distances or help in difficult radio conditions.
  • The Receiver transmits all received data to a data server.
    Alternatively a PC with wireless adapter or a data server fitted with receiver module receives the measured values.
  • The Configurator connects PC software to the network, configures wireless modules and reads out logger modules.
  • Windows PC software serves for network commissioning or for data acquisiotion and anlysis.

Wireless Sensor Modules

Wireless sensor for pulse counting and status monitoring.
Spot temperature measurement with radio transmission
Sensor-Actuator radio module with PT1000, digital input, relay and local control. Suited for slef-configuring systems.
Wireless sensor measuring temperature and humidity.
measurement with radio transmission of anmbient temperature; DIN EN 12830 compliant wireless logger

Wireless Network Infrastructure

USB radio adapter for initiation and system configuration
Connection to superior systems or internal radio bridge
Wireless receiver with serial Modbus and Modbus/TCP connection; current values in web interface


Windows PC software for configuration, management, wireless data capture and analysis


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