GesySense LogIt

  • Configuration of wireless modules
  • Configuration of receivers
  • Online recording and presentation of sensor data
  • Data transfer from loggers and memory cards
  • Data transfer from receivers
  • Analysis of measured values


Activate wireless sensor modules, parameterize and manage them. Receive measured values either directly or read it out from loggers archives via radio. Monitor limit values and trigger alarms. Display and analyze values and print outs for documentation. GesySense LogIt is an easily handled PC software for operating the GesySense wireless sensor system.

The sensor system assigns further data to each measured value: sensor ID, time stamp and information on transmittance quality. GesySense LogIt collects all that data and displays it. Additionally available are all those functions organization, configuration and documentation required to run the system efficiently.

Sensors are organized in projects and groups and configured accordingly, e. g. with additional text information.

Counter sensors are assigned physical units, scaling and start values or interval for consumption analysis are defined.

Further to meeting legislative requirements of documentation an alarm in case of problems is usually most welcome. GesySense LogIt assigns limit values to single modules or whole groups. Transgressions will cause alarms.

The GesySense Configurator is used as interface to the wireless network.

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