GesySense Receiver LAN

  • Receiver in wireless sensor system
  • Ethernet connection
  • Local data storage on microSD card
  • Modbus/TCP or EIA-485 connection
  • Base station for self-configuring systems
  • Local control operation
  • Switching output


The GesySense Receiver LAN is receiver and networked data recorder in the wireless sensor network. The receiving and emitting device is operating within the 433 MHz ISM band (European version). A 915 MHz version for American ISM band is also available.

Data connection of the Receiver LAN is using Modbus/TCP or Modbus via the EIA-485 connector. Its Ethernet connection allows web browser access to measured data and for configuration purposes. For a quick view on current values an ordinary web browser is sufficient.

A microSD card serves for local storage of measured values in .csv format. The information can be read out and further processed using the GesySense LogIt software. Archived data can as well be downloaded via FTP.

The real-time clock of the device is synchronized with an NTP server. The device requires a mains power supply. A variant with PoE supply is alternatively available.

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