GesySense T-H-Sensor / -Logger

  • Compact module measuring temperature and humidity
  • Continuous data acquisition via radio
  • Reliable long-term data logging
  • Read out via radio
  • Battery life greater than 5 years


The GesySense T-H-Sensor measures ambient temperature and humidity in fixed intervals and transmits it to the receiver.

In its Logger variant measured values including time stamp (RTC in module) are stored on the module. Memory capacity is sufficient for 1 year. Even at a battery failure the values will be preserved. Correct operation of the module is indicated by a LED.

Parameterization of the logger module as well as reading out the data is done via radio using the GesySense® Configurator.

The temperature measuring range is between + 5 °C and + 50 °C, with a high accuracy in a smaller range. A calibration of the temperature measurement is not necessary.

Humidity measurement has a high accuracy in the range of 10 to 90 % rH.

The module is supplied by a 3.6 V AA battery. At a measuring and broadcasting interval of 5 min a service life of 5 years can be achieved, dependent on the circumstances even 10 years can be realized.

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