Gesyline HD-PLC

LON HD-PLC is highly distinguished for its high speed, large expansion, use of the supply line and other cables. The IEEE1901 standardized powerline technology uses power cable for data transmission. Through a broadband transmission in the frequency range of 2-28 MHz, a high data transmission and a high degree of robustness is achieved. The implementation of the ITU-T G.9905 allows for a mesh network with up to 1024 nodes to be set up. Not only is there a fixed power line, but Coax, Ethernet and twisted pair cables can also be used, facilitating a high-speed network in free topology.

With LON HD-PLC; a new, modern and a powerful LON channel is made available. This allows for a simultaneous transmission of other IP services like a surveillance video or as a backbone for WLAN access points.

This makes the powerline, the carrier of a wide range of services in Smart City applications.

The use of HD-PLC for LON will be standardized by the LonMark International and will soon be available as EN14908.8 or ANSI/CTA 709.8.

PHY speed 240 Mbps
Max. number of nodes 1,024
Max. number of hops 10
Throughput (without hopping) 10 Mbps
Throughput (multi-hop) 40 Mbps
Latency 20 ms
Message throughput 200 p/s
Encryption AES128
Security Black- and whitelisting of devices
Physical layers supported Power line, twisted pair, COAX, Ethernet cabiling and others




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