LON is the universal protocol for Smart City applications, industrial and building automation, railway technology, petrol stations and many other applications. With the implementation of the ANSI/CTA 709.8 and EN 14908-8 standards, in which Gesytec has been heavily involved, HD-PLC can also be used for transmission with the LON protocol.

We have ported our LON protocol stack, which has proven itself many thousands of times, to HD-PLC from Megachips and thus created a high-performance and cost-effective powerline solution from LON. This also works without Neuron Chips from Adesto. With our HD-PLC Core or eShark Development Kit, you can easily create LON HD-PLC solutions that are fully compatible with other LON products from other manufacturers. Thanks to the good standardisation of the LON technology.

You can use our Gesyline HD-PLC bridge as LON HD-PLC interface for Adestos Smart Server IoT. This means that the EdgeServer from Adesto with all its unique functions is also available for HD-PLC.

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