A glimpse into the filling station tank with Easylon

Hectronic is one of the market leaders in tank management and parking management. The company’s size is reflected by over 300 employees and locations all over the world, e. g. in Germany, Switzerland, France, India, Austria or the USA. Hectronic has set itself the goal of providing its customers with innovative solutions for their petrol station management, simplifying work processes, making them more efficient and producing them in an ecologically responsible manner. This goal is also reflected in the selection of Hectronics suppliers. In the pursuit of innovative technology and efficient customer comfort, Gesytec’s choice of Easylon® products was a logical consequence.

Source: hectronic.com

All relevant filling station tank information at a glance

As part of comprehensive tank management, Hectronic optionally uses the IFSF serial socket of Gesytecs brand Easylon ® in the Mineo Controller Touch. The Mineo Controller Touch is part of the OptiLevel tank management system. The management system allows a glance into the tank and enables all relevant tank information to be read. The tank information is sent and visualized on the Mineo Touch Controller. The Mineo controller shows the level information of the individual tanks on the display in an uncomplicated way. Mineo can optionally be extended with IFSF LON as a communication protocol for all filling stations that require comprehensive communication and use the IFSF protocol via LON.

The right tank monitoring system saves costs

Targeted tank monitoring can deliver significant savings for petroleum companies and smaller gas stations by adequately monitoring the tank buried in the ground and minimizing maintenance costs. By controlling, it is possible to record what is deposited above the tank and whether a water layer has formed underneath the petrol or diesel. For this reason, monitoring the quality and acute state of the tank contents is of great importance for the filling station operator in addition to checking the filling level. In order to prevent the tank from being pumped out and cleaned at a time when it is not necessary, it can be controlled by the monitoring system at low cost. 

Source: hectronic.com

Mineo with IFSF LON extension

With its knowledge and experience of the market and the demands of its customers, Hectronic offers customer-freindly and economical solutions for modern tank content management. That’s why Hectronic offers an intelligent system solution that saves both time and money by monitoring everything from a single filling station to an entire network of filling stations. With OptiLevel, fuel management and fuel station operation efficiency can be improved. The Mineo controller, as a partial solution of OptiLevel, is optionally equipped with the serial socket interface of Easylon. The Mineo Interface expansion board is used where the interfaces available on the controller are not sufficient. With the Mineo extension IFSF LON, the controller can be connected directly to a LON network via the IFSF protocol in order to establish a connection to the POS or Forecourt controller. Gesytec offers POS communication for petrol stations that work with the standardized IFSF petrol station protocol. The extension is simple and uncomplicated to install.

Gesytec and Hectronic share a common maxim

Gesytec is the world’s number one supplier of LON interfaces and characterized itself above all through high-quality products and excellent customer support. Hectronics’ corporate policy maxim is to offer its customers technically first-class products in the area of filling station automation. Processes are to be simplified and the efficiency in operation to be increased. By pursuing common interests and aiming to keep gas station management and communications at the highest level of development, Gesytec and Hectronic excel in innovation, flexibility and loyalty.