Distance doesn’t really matter

Going beyond radio coverage


Solutions suited to collect measurement data from regionally distribute sites, of course also can be applied in one location. When that may be required shows following example.

From the point of radio technology GesySense is ideally positioned for use in buildings. Temperature monitoring in large cold storage only with wireless sensors and some radio repeaters is not a problem. However, if the individual warehouses on the site are considerably apart, if they are, for example, some street away, other ways of networking have to be used.

After numerous installations in cold stores in the United States, where GesySense takes over the part of the temperature measurement, the company Procuro Inc, San Diego CA, has installed their PIMM system in Germany for the first time. In doing so they were directly confronted with the unfamiliar situation of widely separated buildings.

To include data from the GesySense wireless sensor system in other applications, to merge them from regionally distributed sites in one center, is no problem at all. Normally the connection to supra-regional bodies runs via a local data server networked to the Internet, as often some more data from a site have to be collected centrally. The PIMM system also uses a data server to connect via internet to the central PIMM server.

Built-in networking capacity is provided by the GesySense Receiver LAN too. As the central receiver of messages from the wireless sensors all information is available on it for both: the transfer to higher-level systems as well as for a quick look at the current situation. For the latter the user just needs a browser to look at the web pages of the Receiver. Networking of GesySense Receiver LAN from the individual warehouses to the site data server was in this case made via a VPN connection. Data exchange is using Modbus/TCP

Under these conditions, it was easy to connect individual radio networks in the halls via Ethernet to the PIMM data server and thus to deliver the desired to the operator.

Wilhelm Schüssler Spedition GmbH can rightly be proud of its ‘Higher Level’ certification according to International Featured Standard (IFS) Logistic, version 2.