EMC4 Makes Building Think

EMC4 in Russian Railway Department

„The building I’m working in, is able to think“,  Andrej told his little daughter yesterday. „It knows, who I am and every morning it has heated my bureau, because it’s so intelligent. The lights are turned-on, too." after this story, Andrej’s daughter laughed at him and thought he is possibly queer. But what sounds like a futuristic fairy tale, is really possible – thanks LonWorks.

The building Andrej is working in, is the Russian railway department in Moscow. In 2004 the 50.000 sqm building was completed. More than 2500 people are working there every day and pleased with the „intelligence“ of their workspace. Behind the modern facades the latest technology is applied, which lets the building, like Andrej told, "think". Of course a building cannot really think. The whole building automation from security system to air conditioning is working with LonWorks.

In the 28-storied building 52 technical systems are applied, which represent the building’s  „brain“. Together they automate nearly all technical procedures. Heating, lighting, security system etc. are working together without any problems because of the LonWorks technology. Responsible for building automation was the ARMO Group, Moscow.

Easylon EMC4 controllers by Gesytec GmbH, Aachen control the whole lighting system from cellar, to staircase and to the bureaus. But not only lighting is controlled by EMC4, the heating is influenced by this controllers as well.
When Andrej told, the building takes care of him, he describes just one function of the Easylon EMC4. The controllers use data of the security system an "know" who has entered the building. As soon as Andrej passes the access control the system realizes his presence and activates the heating in his bureau. When he arrives in 24th floor, its already warm there.

Tomorrow Andreij will take his daughter to the railway department. He will show her, that he told her the truth about the "intelligent" building. After this she will understand, that future is right now and – EMC4 is a part of it.