GesySense Monitors RFS Warehouse

As part of the modernization of the existing temperature recording system Reinhart Foodservice L.L.C., USA, has installed the GesySense wireless temperature monitoring system in its Cincinnati distribution center.  The overall system for monitoring food quality during transport and storage to which the GesySense data are transferred is operated by the company of Procuro Inc,  from San Diego, CA.

Reinhart Foodservice is a one stop logistics service provider servicing restaurants, fast food chains, or school kitchens.  This service is based on 31 distribution center throughout the US and a corresponding fleet of vehicles.  Monitoring of logistics operation parameters including food quality aspects is contracted to Procuro Inc., which are using their PIMM system for it.  This system records and validates the status of all goods from purchase over transport and storage to delivery.

The Cincinnati warehouse stores foodstuff and beverages in 3 rooms at different temperatures between frozen good and almost normal 65 °F.  Warehouse covers about 350 x 240 sq ft.  Temperature monitoring includes the 350 ft docking range of the building. Fifteen GesySense wireless Thermo-Sensors were installed in the sometimes partition divided halls with their high shelves.  To bridge distances and especially walls 4 radio repeaters were installed to connect to the central radio receiver in an annex.  Via a data server the measured temperatures are transmitted on Ethernet to the central PIMM server.  For there all information is available to the operator including any alarms which may be triggered at temperature limit infringement. 

The decision in favor of the GesySense wireless system was based on minimal maintenance requirements as well as on easy installation and reliability in operation.  The battery powered wireless sensor modules are quickly installed. In buildings they convince by their excellent coverage.  Battery energy is sufficient for more than 5 years and annual re-calibrations are not required.

After the first installation in Ohio further sites will be fitted with the GesySense system.