GesySense Wireless Sensor System Extends Calon STREAM System

Temperature monitoring of food in shopwith STREAM
Calon Integrates GesySense® into BMS

The STREAM Smart management system by Calon Associates Ltd, Runcorn UK, provides  a comprehensive means to integrate key performance data from different services in building management.  Especially designed to typical forecourt and convenience shop requirements, it covers condition monitoring and alarming for many installations such as forecourt devices, utility meters, HVAC or lighting.

The latest extension integrated into the STREAM system is the GesySense® wireless sensor system. Designed to collect e.g. temperatures using battery powered wireless sensor modules, GesySense has a primary application in monitoring the refrigeration devices in C-stores. Whether it is the ice cream freezer, cooled beverages or sandwiches, the GesySense systems measures and reports temperatures from all spots to the connected system, which now can also be the Calon StreamServer.

Access point in converging businesses

Collecting data as well from the forecourt as from shop systems and connected to the site controller the StreamServer is the lynchpin to meet the challenges arising from increasing energy, environmental and maintenance costs. It meets the requirements of operators to streamline FM and maintenance by integrating systems previously handled separately. Offering the necessary interfaces to combine information from technologically different installations into a single data model STREAM is the management access point in today’s business models of fuel retailing and convenience shop.

Running an independent and reliable temperature monitoring on frozen and refrigerated food is good quality practice.  Retrofitting one is a question of costs.  Designed for just this kind of application the GesySense Thermo-Sensors optimally fit into refrigeration devices and reliably measure and transmit temperature values. With at least 5 years of battery operation and no need of re-calibration their maintenance is minimal. Cabling costs are reduced to zero. But what about installation efforts?

Uncomplicated installation

Fuel station operators usually have to deal with some hundreds of installations, so installation time counts. A usable advantage in this area is the similarity of the installations. Therefore the GesySense systems attached to the StreamServer are prepared for quick setup. Pre-configured sensor modules and wireless receiver just require fixing them to the intended spots and activating them electronically. This is time saving and, most important, no special knowledge is required.

A convincing combination

By now several hundred STREAM systems with GesySense have been put to operation, not by Calon or Gesytec, but by the contracted FM company. Neither during setup nor in operation issues were reported.