Gipsy 2000 LE as Gateway to Telephone

Room Control by Phone

Buildings become more and more intelligent and comfortable. Some years ago an old cottage dating back to 1834, was in need to be renovated and partly reconstructed. After renovation the cottage has maintained its character, but in the technical aspect it made a leap in time. From burglar alarm to sun-blinds control and internal system monitoring nearly all technical systems are computerized. For instance the AGFEO telephone system offers more than just connecting phones: supported by Gesytec’s Gipsy 2000 LE it is used as room control device.

Nearly two years ago the decision was taken not only to renovate the building, but also to implement the latest building automation systems based on LonWorks. As one of the results the phone now is not only used to call, but also to control sun-blinds and lights. This was achieved by connecting an AGFEO telephone system to the building automation using a Gipsy 2000 LE.

By using functional profiles and thus separating the specifications of the telephone system from those of building automation, an easy system configuration is guaranteed. No building automation knowledge is required to “program” the telephone system and no special knowledge of telephone system is needed for the Gipsy 2000 LE. There are several profiles defined for each room to control temperature or brightness for example. By means of a LNS PlugIn the profiles are defined and then loaded into the Gipsy LE. For placing into operation the “room control phone” the different control functions are allocated to the phone’s buttons. The Gipsy 2000 LE then maps the required data to a certain phone with using the functional profiles. All texts used for room control are stored in the Gipsy 2000 LE, as they are not part of the phone functionality.

The installation of the “room control phone” indicates the realization of the projects goals: to demonstrate the increased living comfort using LonWorks technology. And the residents are rid  of a problem: to find the right remote control for each installation.