Mediterranean Specialties and Modern Technology

Measuring True Product Temperautres

To compete in the market for deli providers, requires high quality awareness. This starts with the products and recipes, and continues up to delivery to customers. The Erguellue GmbH, provider of Mediterranean specialties, leaves nothing to chance. For quality assurance in storage and delivery the company has set up a temperature acquisition system that leaves no gap and fulfills more than the usual requirements.

There are legal requirements to monitor refrigerated food in warehouses and delivery vehicles with regard to their temperature. The company Erguellue is but one step further: The condition of the product itself and not just the temperature of rooms and vehicles is continuously documented. For this, simulation packages are used which correspond in their temperature behavior to the goods themselves. These are stored and transported with the goods. Wireless temperature loggers contained in the packages record the temperature curve.

The data collected during transportation are automatically radio transmitted to the receiver of the wireless system upon return of the loggers. Measurements from simulation packages in the warehouse are transmitted permanently. In the cold room permanent wireless sensors are additionally installed. Their readings are used to generate alarm in case predetermined temperature limits are violated.

The registered temperatures are available on both the receiver and a PC connected via Ethernet. At temperature problems the receiver triggers a local alarm. From the PC program alerts messages are sent if applicable. If data on the PC are questioned by food control authorities the original data of the last 12 months on the loggers is available at any time.

With this GesySense system, temperature monitoring of refrigerated products is done automatically. No time is wasted on manual measuring and writing. This leaves more time to devote to other aspects of the quality of these sensitive products.

The Equipment

For temperature detection, one wireless temperature sensor is installed in each cold store. Currently, 8 simulation packages with wireless loggers accompany the goods during transport and storage. In addition to the radio receiver, which is connected to the PC by Ethernet, a repeater is used to improve transmission. At the receiver, the current values are always presented on a web page. Among others, the PC software LogIt allows setting the desired limits, the configuration of the alarm emails and presenting and analyzing of the collected data, including their archiving.