Netzwerk Culinaria and GesySense advertising film

The Netzwerk Culinaria is a collective of companies, associations and institutions pursuing the same goal: increasing quality and variety in the commercial kitchen. With a common passion for hygiene and taste, the network covers over 90 percent of the kitchen.

In addition to workshops, seminars and training courses, another major topic is the automation of the kitchen so that chefs can concentrate on cooking. HACCP-relevant kitchen data should be easily managed via smartphone or tablet.

An important part of an automated and HACCP-compliant kitchen is temperature monitoring. A short-term failure of the refrigerated warehouse would result in a high loss of goods. At the same time, it is unreasonable to manually read and record the measured values several times a day. A well-organized kitchen automatically monitors its temperature with GesySense so that chefs can return to their passion: The cooking.

The wireless sensor system offers the possibility of continuously recording temperatures, humidity and digital values in a secure way. Customers with their own cloud can easily and securely integrate the values into their own system with GesySense Web services.


In the following promotional film you can see the overall concept of the Netzwerk Culinaria.