When "Beast" Meets "Beauty" ...

Aachen 20.03.1998 - When Beauty meets the Beast, and both get closer to each other while singing, the impressive special effects displayed during this fateful encounter are the result of the Easylon I/O modules, a Gesytec development.

These intelligent I/O modules, now built in series, were designed and developed as a project for STATEC Stage Techniques (former Krupp Stage Techniques), as an integral part STACON® stage control system. STACON® system is used by Stella Musicals for performances of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Les Misérables".

The extravagant and extremely modern stage techniques used in "Beauty and the Beast" consist of a main operating console, secondary operating consoles, and a back-up console, also known as a "utility console".

The system controls 50 motors, manages 50 data points and provides a total power source of 750 kW, with on-time delivery to each of the collection points. The power supply modules and the STATEC silent noiseless "whisper winches" (Flüsterwinden® ) are controlled with these consoles via bus connection.

In consideration of the integrated back up concept and the on-site operation, the system focuses on safety and high availability. The back-up design concept allows immediate, selective on-line switching of one or more controlled axes to the back-up console.

The Easylon I/O modules allow selected machine components, either individually or in asynchronous groups, to be operated by any motion lever on the main or secondary consoles, with variable speed adjustment capabilities.

As stated by STATEC, they choose Gesytec modules as a mean to achieving the total design concept, due to their ease of installation and maintenance. Each drive can be switched individually to on-site operation, without influencing the entire system.

"The public expects the perfect illusion once or twice a day. Even the slightest error must not be noticeable. This is why the intelligent, decentralized Easylon modules are an essential part of our operational concept" reported Dr. Mäder of STATEC.

The Easylon I/O- modules are only one of various LonWorks products which were designed by Gesytec and specially manufactured in production quantities for OEM customers.

"Our strategy is to use the broad and flexible Easylon product family as a base concept, adapting an Easylon product to the customer's requirements and eliminating the need for costly new developments", explains Dr. Andreas vom Hemdt, Marketing Manager at Gesytec.

For OEM customers the advantages of working with Gesytec are obvious: proven product reliability at favorable pricing...with optimal delivery times.