About us

The Gesytec GmbH has been engaged in the business of development and manufacturing hardware and software for automation purposes since 1978. Still today our main goal is to build smaller, cheaper and more innovative control systems than anyone else. The technological basis has changed much since the incipiencies of microprocessor technology and continues to change. It remains our continuous purpose to find new solutions with new technologies.

We especially focus on reaching our clients’ demands with our products. Those services include adaptation of our standard products as well as new client-oriented developments.

Beyond the borders of our company building in Aachen, Gesytec is working internationally in both directions. On one hand our products are being used and shipped worldwide. On the other hand global connectivity and technologies have reached into our products

What we do

We are number one in the world as a provider of LON interfaces. The products sold under our brand Easylon® can be found anywhere where LON is used: from the building through service stations and locomotives to the diving robot. With the Easylon Router+ we provide the fastest and most flexible LON/IP router. With us you will find the top specialists in the LON protocol in the world.

Our GesySense® wireless sensor system ensures that wherever there must be cold, compliance with the temperature requirements will certainly be monitored. From the retail shop on the gas station to the supermarket chain, from frozen delivery service to the restaurant, everywhere GesySense® ensures the quality of food. Highest quality measurement technology, good radio coverage, easy start-up and longest battery life inspire our customers.

We implement the latest technology always being at the cutting edge of latest developments. Frontiers and languages are no barrier to us, we deliver to all continents. We can do this only as a dedicated and competent team. We are proud of the diversity and skills of our employees.


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