Easylon for LON

Easylon® is the Gesytec brand for our LON products, a brand in which thousands of clients worldwide trust. Far more than 100,000 Easylon interfaces are in use in numerous LON applications worldwide. Easylon stands for an easy use of LON, reliability of the electronics and software, and of course, for good prices and reliability of Gesytec as a supplier.

Gesytec is the supplier with the world’s largest portfolio of LON interfaces. Our "Plus"-LON interfaces are unique in terms of performance and flexibility of use.

With the Easylon Router+ we provide the fastest, easiest and most flexible router.

Our products are supported by software increasing their usability in operation, but also furthering a straightforward development of your own solutions including Gesytec products.

With Easylon you will also find the necessary infrastructure components that ensure the smooth operation of the LON network.

Your sales contact

Abdellaziz Boussema
phone: +49 2408 944-341