Easylon USB Socket Interface+

  • Real multi-client capability on eight channels
  • Full compatible VNI
  • Parallel transactions in MIP mode
  • FT-X2 or EIA-485 transceiver
  • Drivers for Windows and Linux
  • Variant for extended temperature range
  • Economic OEM solution


The Easylon USB Socket Interface+ realizes an ISO/IEC 14908 compliant LON-USB connection as a plug-in module, which can be integrated into OEM devices.

As an Easylon Interface+ the module provides up to eight logical driver interfaces thus realizing the parallel access of several applications to the network either in MIP or LNS compatible mode.

USB connection to the CPU board is made by a 10pin connector. Power supply uses this connector as well.

Connection to the control network is either made by a TP/FT-10 transceiver with FT-X2 or by EIA-485 coupling. Furthermore there are variants for extended temperature range. Service button and traffic LED are implemented. In the TP/FT-10 version the network interface is galvanically separated from system ground.