GesySense – fits without wire

Cordless data acquisition and device monitoring via radio is effortlessly achieved with GesySense®. Continuously capture temperature and meter values by cordless sensor modules via radio and ensure permanent logging of system status with wireless status indicators.

Due to the use of battery operated sensor modules and radio transmission between measuring point and data capturing device a continuously up-to-date data capturing can be realized without much installation effort or risky interventions into existing systems. In addition, this also allows for easy and fast modification of the sensors’ measuring spots.

Currently GesySense sensors meet the following demands:

In their Logger version the wireless modules archive measured values internally. Triggered by an external signal they radio transmit the values. This qualifies GesySense for mobile applications and usage in shielded environments.

The broad variety of possible application requirements the GesySense wireless sensor network meets with flexible system concepts. Depending on the needs measured data can be used locally or in the central systems of distributed structures. For implementation different receivers, repeater and software for data capturing, network and sensor management are available.

The system is especially suited for measurements in a low temperature range, e. g. to monitor freezers and refrigeration units in super markets. It can serve to document the cold chain as required for food and phamaceutical products.

Wireless remote monitoring easily becomes a reality.


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