GesySense in the Cold Store

  • Indepedent documentation and monitoring
  • Automatic redording
  • 100 % availability
  • Self monitoring

Independent and reliable

According to the HACCP approach and in line with legal requirements, continuous temperature recording is required for refrigerated storage of food and pharmaceutical products.

GesySense is a wireless temperature recording systemtakingcare of these requirements, reliably and without maintenace. With GesySense you get:

  • current temperatures at a glance
  • tamper proof recording
  • warnings and alarms directly to the responsible persons
  • a self-monitoring system providing independent monitoring

Flexibility by technology

The wireless sensor regularly measure the temperature at the place defined by you. Radio transmission and battery power allow for wide flexibility.

Measured values are immediately transmitted to the receiver. The radio technology used stand for best coverage in buildings.

Data are processed and archived according to your requirements. You define warning thresholds, limit values and the communication path for alert messages.

Fom local data handling to cloud based solutions GesySense offers a wide range of solutions.

  • no cabling due to radio and battery usage
  • best coverage in buildings
  • minimum installion efforts
  • open connection to other IT systems

Does it pay off?

The balance between the risk of a potential damage in goods and the investment can be calculated.

When will the investment in a new system be amortized?

Calculate the time here!


Your sales contact

Abdellaziz Boussema
phone: +49 2408 944-341