GesySense SAM 2PT-1D-1R

  • Wireless module for connection of 2 PT1000 probes
  • Wireless recording of digital input
  • Wireless or locally controlled relay
  • Data recording and direct transmission
  • 24 V or battery supply


The GesySense Sensor-Actuator module SAM 2PT-1D-1R is used to record temperatures by the connected PT1000 probes and allows measurement-based switching actions. With its integrated receiver it can be parameterized via radio. In addition, an active switch contact can be connected.

The module collects and sends within the specified time interval the temperatures measured by the PT1000 probes and the status of the digital input. Time stamped readings are transmitted to the receiving station of the GesySense wireless sensor network.

All values are additionally recorded in the module’s memory. These records can be automatically transmitted as soon as a vehicle-installed module re-enters the reception range of a GesySense Receiver LAN.
In addition, the module switches the digital output based on preset limit values or times.

The module can be used in self-configuring systems.

The SAM 2PT-1D-1R is certified according to regulation EC 37/2005.

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