• protocol stack for IPv6
  • for IP enabled micro controllers
  • for systems with or without operating system
  • implements standardized LON communication
  • minimum resource requirements


You want to IoT-enable your microcontroller just with software? Here is the solution.

EPOS is a protocol stack easily integrated into modern IP-enabled microprocessors. EPOS operates on IPv4 and IPv6 thus creating the fundamental basis to realize in short time your solutions for the Internet of Things. EPOS implements a protocol standard in use worldwide that has already proven itself a million times in the communication of intelligent devices.

A Library Enabling Communication

EPOS is small and independent from operating systems. It requires minimum resources. On a micro controller it connects application with the IP communication. In short, EPOS is bringing the application into the Internet of things.

In addition, EPOS provides the interoperability required in open networking. Systems based on the ISO/IEC14908-1 and ISO/IEC14908-4 standards are proven over many years and in the communication of millions of “intelligent” devices. These standards become available using EPOS.

Adaptable to Application and Communication

EPOS is separated in two parts: The part connecting to the application (EPOS 7) is separated from the one realizing the physical communication (EPOS 2). This allows for an easy adaptation to different communication requirements.

EPOS offers a convincing solution to tick off the subject of communication quickly and elegantly. EPOS can enable your existing devices for IPv6 without hardware modification.


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