GesySense Digital Modules

  • Digital wireless sensors
  • Settable for status monitoring or pulse counting
  • Data recording for 1 year with logger
  • Battery life greater than 5 years
  • IP66 housing for wall mounting


The GesySense Digital-Sensor offers 2 functionalities:

  • Status-Sensor
  • Counter-Sensor

As Status-Sensor it is used to monitor devices and system components. It reads the status of connected passive contacts.

The Status-Sensor transmits the status of the connected contacts at a fixed interval.

As Counter-Sensor the module records pulses up to 20 Hz at its 2 digital inputs and stores the values locally. The resolution is 32 bit.

Further to the sensor there is a logger version of the module storing measured pulses or status modifications in the module. The logger stores 15-minute value in a non-volatile memory.

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