GesySense Wireless Sensor System

  • Continuous measurement and radio transmission
  • Compact wireless sensors
  • Excellent coverage in buildings
  • Years of battery durability
  • Acquisition of temperature, humidity and digital input
  • High sensor concentration
  • Flexible connection to control systems and PC

Wireless Data Acquisition

The wireless sensor system GesySense continuously measures radio transmits temperatures, humidity and digital values, and makes that data available to other systems.

This system of wireless, battery operated sensors realizes a flexible data acquisition system which can be used to reliably document measured values, secure plant operation, or assess consumption statements.

Possible applications of the wireless modules cover:

  • Continuous wireless measurement of temperature in cooling devices and cold stores
  • Logging and monitoring of storage temperatures
  • Registration of relative humidity
  • Wireless pulse counting for consumption statements
  • Monitoring for system alerts
  • Temperture logging during transportation of goods

System structure

The following components constitute the GesySense system:

  • Battery operated sensors continuously radio transmit measured values from the measuring point.
  • Battery operated loggers store measured values locally, but can as well continuously radio transmit them like sensors.
  • Sensor-Actuator modules can be radio parameterized with respect to their operation.
  • A receiver collects the data and makes it availabel to connected systems, e. g. a data server or a PC.
  • Repeaters bridge longer distances or difficult transmission paths.
  • Alternative network structures.are feasible to communicate captured data.

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Fits without wire

Using battery operated sensor modules and radio transmission between measuring point and data logging, a continuous data acquisition can be set up without great installation efforts or risky changes to existing systems. Furthermore, the measuring points of the sensors can be modified quickly and easily.

High sensor concentration

Up to 120 wireless transmitters can be included in one system, depending on the local situation and wide areas can be covered by radio repeaters operating in series.

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Battery duration: more than 5 years

Using batteries is convenient, changing them cumbersome. The energy concept of the GesySense wireless sensors meets these concerns. That measuring frequency and ambient temperature govern power consumption goes without saying.

GesySense module are designed for operation at low temperatures. Even there excellent battery usage times are guaranteed. Running at a 5 minutes interval, which is a sensible one for temperature measuring, a battery duration of more than 5 years is guaranteed for the temperature range between -30 °C and +25 °C, an operation up to 10 years is possible.

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A reliable radio system for measurement data

The GesySense wireless sensor system operates in the ISM band of 433 MHz. For America a version with 915 MHz is availabble. With 10 mW it is a low power device according to the European regulations.

The transmission method allows the installation of many transmitters (sensor and repeaters) close to each other without the problems of data collision, losses or misallocation. Even different system in the same band can be operated in parallel using suitable channels. The undisturbed wireless range is about 250 m. In this frequency range the permeability of solid material is better than at higher frequencies, such as 2.4 GHz.

As radio transmittance, e. g. from radio thermometers, in buildings has to allow for difficulties such as metal doors, armored concrete, etc. repeaters are used to increase the range of coverage. The repeaters receive messages from the wireless sensors and transmit them to the GesySense receiver.

Reliable Transmission and Data

Further to the usage of several channels other provisions secure radio transmission and thus the quality of the recorded values:

  • Self-calibration of emitters depending on environmental temperature and aging
  • Unique device ID
  • Consecutive message numbers
  • Permanent logging of reception quality
  • Permanent logging of battery status

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Initiation almost in passing

The Windows PC based configuration program GesySense LogIt defines communication within the wireless sensor system and identifies and organizes the measurement sensors in the operational area. First values are recorded for test and optimization purposes and the transmission quality, e. g. between a temperature sensor and the receiver is recorded.

Communication interface between PC and wireless system is the handy GesySense Configurator, a radio adapter connected to the PC by USB. Shortly held close to an installed sensor device, its ID is recorded and the measurement cycle –previously defined in the GesySense configuration program– is transmitted inductively.

Using its antenna the Configurator organizes receiver and repeaters.

Further to commisioning the sensor network the GesySense LogIt software can beused for data capturing and analysis.

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