GesySense Receiver / Repeater

  • Receiver in wireless sensor system
  • Repeater in the transmission path
  • Modbus connection to data logger
  • Range increase of the radio system
  • Cascading of repeaters


Connection of GesySense Receiver

Receiver and Repeater of the GesySense wireless sensor network are devices identical in construction but for different use, which is set at commissioning.

For connection with a data server or a PC they are fitted with a serial connection optionally usable with either EIA-232 or EIA-485. Data transfer to the data server is using the Modbus protocol.

A download of updated device software is realized through the serial connection and further on to the repeaters via radio transmission. The devices require a mains power supply.

An assembly bracket is provided for wall or ceiling mounting of the devices, allowing the alignment of the antenna vertical to the floor for optimal reception. The device antenna may also be replaced by a displaced antenna with cord connection.

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