Easylon Multiport Repeater

  • 4 port LON repeater
  • Integrated bus termination
  • Variants for 24 V, 120 V or Link Power supply
  • Versions for extended temperature range


LON Repeater with 4 channels in variants for free topology and Link Power. By regenerating the signals it increases the allowable communication distance in the LON network. A greater number of nodes within a physical network segment are also possible, within the limits of a tolerable network load.

With up to 4 network connections the Easylon Multiport Repeater allows for a flexible network structure. Of course this LON repeater is also compatible to Link Power LON networks. For each channel a termination can be set by switches for bus or free topology. The device status is displayed by a power and a traffic LED.

There are variants for power supply with 24 V AC/DC or 120 V AC available. A fourth variant of the repeater is supplied by Link Power. This device with a width of only 4 mods, does not require external power supply.

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