GesySense PT-1000 Modules

  • Wireless module for PT1000 probe connection
  • Continuous temperature measurements via radio
  • Data recording for 1 year with logger
  • Read out via radio
  • Battery life exceeding 5 years
  • IP66 housing for wall mounting


The GesySense PT1000-Sensor is a wireless module for radio transmitting temperature values measured by a connected PT1000 probe. A version as PT1000-Logger is available additionally storing the measured values internally. The module regularly measures the temperature using a PT1000 probe.

The logger generates a 15-minute value which is stored on the module in a fail-safe memory. Correct operation of the module is indicated by a LED.

The wireless module is powered by a 3.6 V AA battery. Running at a sensible measurement cycle of 5 minutes the replaceable battery will operate a minimum of 5 years up to and possibly exceeding a 10 years life expectancy depending on circumstances.

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