Always Actual Data with GipsySync

GipsySync synchronizes data from distributed technical facilities and real estate with a central data base. In this way current and complete information about consumption, status and the history of all facilities is always available for the operator to use for accounting, system maintenance or optimization.

Gipsy product range stations from Gesytec are used as data accumulators and converters in various applications and application areas. Building technical facilities and real estate are often the usual place of installation. The Gipsy stations do not only store and collect counter data from electricity, water and gas, but also document for example data about heat consumption, temperature gradient in individual areas, the flow rate of air conditioning systems and if necessary information about the plant status.

Even if the Gipsy station can locally store current as well as logged values these are very rarely used there. To make data available for other applications it must be transmitted to a central and frequently distant data center. Here data from all properties and their individual facilities are collected centrally and made available for other purposes. Typical examples are a firm’s dispersed plants and properties or public institutions such as municipalities, universities and public authorities.

A requirement for consistent evaluation in the control center is current and verified data transfer. This can be realized for example by a dedicated line, over which the data can be continuously conveyed. Should this be too complex and expensive, the data can be collected locally in a SQL-compatible database and only be transferred directly into the central database occasionally. A permanent connection is then no longer necessary. It must however be ensured that errors, for example by double data transmission or data gaps, are avoided.

GipsySync keeps you up-to-date

The GipsySync software was developed by Gesytec for this purpose. GipsySync is a PC application, which is can be run with all current versions of Windows. A basic requirement is the SQL ability of the central database. Data filing is realized by the Gipsy stations in their embedded SQL database. GipsySync is simply installed on the central data server or a PC linked to it. If a data link is connected to one of the decentralized Gipsy servers, this data is mirrored into the central data base. This can also take place in the opposite direction. TC/IP is used as the communication protocol with the connection made by telephone or DSL. This data synchronization ensures that after each transmission the latest data is consistently available in the central data base.

Detailed invoices for specific periods and consumers can be produced on the basis of this extensive data. Such detailed invoices are not only available for water consumption, electricity or heating. The pro-rata use of air-conditioning can be calculated, provided an accurate record of air flow volume is available: if for certain purposes a greater air interchange is necessary, for example in a fitness studio, the cost can be calculated and invoiced on the basis of the air flow volume rate data.

The Gipsy stations particularly show their strength in heterogeneous environments. No matter if the data originates from gas, water, electricity or air conditioning flow rate systems or another system – LON, M-bus or whatever – Gipsy stations will collect it from all of them and, thanks to GipsySync, reliably transfer the data to the central data base. Gipsy is thereby a system for all data, compared to previously needing an individual system for every type of consumption.

If environment parameters are additionally gathered, which are usually not needed for accounting,this information can be used as a basis for monitoring and analyzing the plant operation. For example it can be determined centrally the amount of energy each property consumes, where possibilities for optimization exist and whether or where optimizations were successful.

Also malfunctions, damage or even waste can be recognized in time. Water pipeline leaks for example cannot be determined by a monthly examination of the water consumption alone. Only by an examination of the consumption history at frequent intervals is it possible to see that the water is also being “used” during the consumer’s absence therefore indicating damage. The same is valid for areas which are heated around the clock or where the light is permanently turned on.

GipsySync is not a one-way street but is applicable bi-directionally. So for example, time switch programs can be halted and changed by new specifications from the control center and downloading into the Gipsy stations. All Gipsy stations also have as embedded PC the ability to run switch and control tasks.

What is transferred from which station database table to where in the control center, how often and when a connection has to be established, whether data is held or deleted after transmission, these and other settings can be made on the GipsySync web interface.

The Gipsy always proves to be the ideal solution whenever large amounts of data from diverse systems are brought together and made available at a central location. Whether data is required for consumption accounting or as a detailed history for the optimization of distributed facilities – Gipsy supplies everything fast and efficiently from one source.