Easylon I/O Box – LON below the floor

DIN rail modules, embodiment of German orderliness, are not always the best solution. Especially not in spots where nobody places DIN rails, i.e. whenever distributed control is realized by distributed modules and not by an assemblage in switching cabinets. The Easylon I/O Box offers LonWorks digital I/O mountable in low spaces such as below the floor or above ceilings as required e.g. for room control.

Although distributed control is inherent to LonWorks technology lots of building automation modules are mounted on DIN rails in switching cabinets. And if modules have to be distributed through the rooms, the DIN rail module and its power supply are placed in small boxes. With many disadvantages: The box is too high to fit below the floor, special housings with special pull relief and protection have to be bought or even manufactured, a board optimized for small switching cabinet housings is used although the horizontal space is wide. The effect on the total costs for the installation is evident.

The Easylon I/O Box was especially developed for such situations. In an IP 41 Box of just 6 cm (2.4 inch) the power supply is included and pull relieved wiring is possible. Twelve digital inputs and twelve relays for 250 V, 16 A control non intelligent devices, e.g  for room lighting and a FTT transceiver couples the Box to the LonWorks network.

The power supply’s capacity even allows some additional external devices to be fed. A larger version of the Box can accommodate additional components.

For the installation purposes a manual operation device is available, a helpful means on site. It is just plugged to the board and can switch single channels. After the installation is done, it can be used in the next project, reducing cost compared to modules fitted with LEDs and switches which will never be used again below the floor.

Altogether, in these situations the Easylon I/O Box is superior to every DIN rail module considering costs and functionality.

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