Easylon Mini PCI Express Interface

LON Interrface für Mini PCIexpress

First LON Interface in Mini PCIe Format Worldwide

Small embedded devices with limited space but featuring a Mini PCIe socket can now gain access to the LonWorks network: The Easylon® Mini PCI Express Socket Interface by Gesytec GmbH realizes a plug-in LON-USB interface for smallest space.

On the LonWorks side the approximately 30 by 50 mm small module provides an FTX transceiver running MIP firmware. This part is galvanically isolated from Mini PCIe earth. LEDs for status, error and Neuron service are on board. Drivers are available for all current Windows operating systems and Linux.

The module fits into different Mini PCIe connectors: Full-Mini-Only socket, Dual-Use socket or Dual Head-to-Head socket. Through the connector the signals for LON traffic LEDs and the service LED are led out.

Aachen, Germany based Gesytec GmbH is a leading provider of LonWorks interfaces. With the Easylon Mini PCIe Socket Interface Gesytec extends its broad range of LonWorks interface by a highly topical module, which is particularly suitable for manufacturers of OEM equipment.