Easylon USB Interface+

Die externe LON Schnittstelle

Efficient LON Adapter – flexible Usage

Easylon Interfaces+ are modern and effective network adapters to connect PC to CEA-709.1 compliant networks, better known as LonWorks. The handy Easylon USB Interface+ offers the advantages of latest VNI technology along with the flexibility of USB devices.

There are many reasons to choose the Easylon Interfaces+ as network adapters. The most important for many systems is the simultaneous usage by 8 programs. The programs can be as well LNS as MIP based. Using Easylon Interfaces+ the normal applications can continue while network analysis or management tasks are processed, e.g. with the Easylon Analyzer showing its best performance with these devices. Easylon Interfaces+, offering an increased performance, can be substituted for standard network adapters without software modification. An additional advantage provided is the possibility to remotely access LonWorks network. Via internet or dial-up connection the network can be accessed through the PC with such interface.

Easylon Interfaces+ are available for PCs with PCI or PCI Express slots and as external USB device. Laptops are frequently used during network commissioning. Almost none provide serial interfaces much less PCMCIA slots. The USB module with its advantage of with the advantage of rapid exchangeability then is the preferred LON interface. Unlike other USB adapters on the market the Easylon USB Interface implements a completely CEA-709 compliant solution. The Easylon USB Interface+ can be used with Windows systems, even the latest and with Linux.