Ethernet Access to Wireless Data Acquisition

The GesySense Receiver LAN opens the GesySense wireless sensor system to TCP/IP access. Additionally local data storage capacity is available. A switching output is provided as well.

As receiver in the wireless sensor system the Receiver LAN collects all messages transmitted by the GesySense wireless sensors. At the same time it is the data server making available measured values to other systems. A microSD card can be used for local data storage.

Further to the EIA-485 connection offered by previous receiver types, data is now available as well for TCP/IP access. Modbus is used as transmission protocol. This considerably facilitates integration of a wireless data acquisition and monitoring system into existing installations. A Power over Ethernet version in which this receiver is available as well, conveniently realizes power and data connection through the same line.

The software implemented allows a quick view on current values. Just access the device using an ordinary web browser. The switching output of this GesySense Receiver can be used, for instance, to locally signal alarm conditions.