Gipsy LP – Monitoring Remote Systems via SMS

Easy communication access, independent from power supply with long use cycles – in short: suitable for remote locations: The answer to such requirements is Gipsy LP. The compact battery-supplied device monitors 4 digital and 4 analog inputs.  The latest member of the Gipsy family alerts at limit value violations via SMS and is immediately ready to take action due to its two switch outputs.

Specialized in Connectivity solutions, Aachen Germany based Gesytec GmbH expands its range of remote monitoring solutions with this device. The Gipsy LP is designed for distributed systems where only a few data points are to be monitored. It is especially suitable for difficult supply situations, ensured by both, communication via GSM net and battery voltage feed. Further to the 24 V supply version with emergency supply battery (and charge maintenance) a battery-operated version is available. The Gipsy LP is designed to ensure a one-year operation with a 12 V, 10 Ah battery. It is available either as top hat rail device or in an IP 41 wall housing.

To connect signals, Gipsy LP comes with four digital inputs, two analog 0-10V and two PT1000 inputs for temperature measuring. Connected systems can be operated via two switches.

Both, messages from Gipsy LP and commands to the device are sent via SMS. This also applies for parameterization of the application software, comfortably realized on a PC and downloaded via SMS. Thus the Gipsy LP enables the operator to easily maintain a connection even to remote installations.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and embedded PC. For automation tasks with LonWorks a complete range of products for remote communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure is available by Gesytec. Embedded PC connectivity solutions allow remote access from the internet to the field bus level.