LON/IP Router fast and small

Router power, volume reduced, that’s in short what the new Easylon Router+ model is standing for.

Fastest routing, high throughput, easy to use configuration server, and additional usage as remote network interface for TCP/IP network access – The Easylon Router+ has it all.

Fitted with one LON/IP port and, depending on the model, one or two LON/FT ports the ISO/IEC 14908 compliant router connects LON/FT networks with each other or to the LON /IP channel. An integrated configuration server can be used as well as a time server to keep the devices in line.

The latest model of the LON/IP router by Gesytec offers all the advantages of its forerunner models in smallest volume. Efficient routing is inherent. Adaptation to your networks is made through a modern, multi-language web interface. Using you preferred browser commissioning is done in no time. Sufficient parameters and extensive statistics help optimizing the device operation. Insight on the operational status you can get at any time.
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Maintenance made easy

Most interesting for administrators is the Gesytec Device Management Center.  The utilities provided by it make commissioning and maintenance of the Easylon Routers+ clear and simple, especially in extended networks.

By the way, it’s not just its efficient routing but the price as well, making this device unbeatable.