LON is fit for the future – Technology Day at LonMark


On 29/01/2019 the LonMark Technology Day took place. We would like to thank Jörg Schneck, Vossloh Schwabe, who gave us the idea and recognized that we need an event to show how up-to-date LON is and how all components of a city talk to each other. We would also like to thank Henny Wieland, LonMark, for the great organization. 

The location in the heart of Frankfurt was well chosen and easily accessible for every visitor, no matter where in the world they came from. Thus we had the luck to welcome a mixed audience.

There were many competent participants with profound know-how as well as inquisitive newcomers, who only knew the three letters L-O-N and wanted to learn more about the technology behind it. 

It was important for us to explain the high potential of the LON technology in the field of building automation, Smart Building and Smart City, which enables all components to communicate with each other at a high data rate. Whether trash cans, cameras, street lamps, parking lots or other data sources: Data transmission and communication must be as fast as possible. There’s no point in the streetlight lighting up when the car is already three blocks away. To achieve this, low latency times are necessary in Smart City applications.

Our goals for the Technology Day were to get out of the tunnel view of the application and present a good communication network for Smart City applications.

But first we had to explain how LON works and the advantages of HD-PLC and a wide area network. 

At the end of the Technology Day, many participants and speakers were exhausted by the input, as the work was consistently highly concentrated. The members of LonMark presented various live applications, including the HD-PLC control for streetlights. The street light is dimmed in relation to the traffic density. 

We are especially grateful for the participants of the Technology Day. The questions went beyond the standard questions and led to exciting discussions. The topics around Smart Home and Smart City clearly show that LON will master the applications of the future. We were particularly interested in explaining the basics of the technology behind LON to the new generation of engineers. The knowledge about LON and its comprehensive application possibilities is no longer taught today. Consequently, many clever minds believe that they have to develop a new technology that has long existed thanks to LON.

The Technology Day showed that with LON we not only have a technology that is tried and trusted, but also one that is young and still sexy. 

Due to the high response and the consistently positive feedback, LonMark is planning another Technology Day in summer 2019. The exact date, an agenda and where you can get tickets can be found in time on our website and in our newsletter.