LON Serial Socket Interface

Looking for a PC-LonWorks interface as plug-in module? Gesytec provides the suitable module for serial connection of a CPU board. The Conexant Socket Modem Standard oriented Easylon® Serial Socket Interface offers two functional applications: Either serial LonTalk adapter or serial gateway.

Aachen, Germany based Gesytec GmbH, leading manufacturer of PC- LonWorks interfaces and specialist in data communication, is providing all over the world a broad range of solutions interfacing systems to the LonWorks control network. Meeting the demand of embedded devices for smaller and less expensive solutions than the common PC/104 format, Gesytec today presents the Easylon Serial Socket Interface.

The interface module with its FTT-10A transceiver turns OEM devices into LON enabled units and meets the manufacturers’ requirements of an integrated LonWorks interface. It provides two basic possibilities of use: The Easylon Serial Socket Interface can be utilized as serial LonTalk adapter by running a serial protocol compatible with standard applications. Thus the interface can be integrated into existing applications without much effort.

On the other hand, the module can be used as serial gateway. Running a host application on the module itself network variables can be implemented  †‘ even more than 62. Thus more data points can be realized as with a only Neuron based solution. The utilized processor including a capacious integrated memory allows for implementation of even more complex serial protocols.

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and embedded PC. For automation tasks with LonWorks a complete range of products for remote communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure is available by Gesytec. Embedded PC connectivity solutions allow remote access from the internet to the field bus level.