New LON USB Interface for EIA-485 Networks

Connection of a PC to LON EIA-485 networks can now easily be realized with the new Easylon USB Interface+.

LonWorks networks in building automation and industrial application frequently are based on serial EIA-485 communication. With the handy Easylon USB Interface+ a PC is quickly connected to such networks. This is especially beneficial for servicing different network types to which laptops or tablets have to be connected.
Drivers for the Easylon USB Interface+ are provided for all Windows operating systems to Windows 8.1 including server operating systems up to 2012, for both 32 and 64-bit systems. Drivers for Linux are as well provided.

Simple Handling

The EIA-485 variant of the Easylon USB Interface+ is connected to the LON network by RJ45 or plug-screw connector. Service push button and status LEDs provide the kind of easy handling customary for Gesytec products.

Full Performance

Applications can access the interface as VNI, virtual network interface, with the computer emulating the upper part of the protocol layers. This makes available up to eight interfaces, each having its unique node ID. Thus up to eight application gain simultaneous access to the LON network. This includes the MIP mode, which can as well make use of parallel transactions. Next to control applications management and monitoring tasks can be run on the same machine.

Like all other Easylon Interfaces this one provides full RNI (Remote Network Interface) capability. This allows a remote TCP/IP access to the interface, via LAN or internet. Monitoring a LON network is no longer restricted to the site but can be done from any networked PC.

Supporting VNI, MIP mode and RNI the Easylon Interfaces+ offer the comfort and performance of modern LON adapters.