Newly set up – LONMARK reinvents itself for the IoT

LONMARK reorganizes its activities. Further technical development and standardization will be pooled internationally. The regional "German Marketing Task Group" was founded for marketing and qualification in the German-speaking area. 

The technical systems of almost all sectors and industries are facing an enormous change in times. Global megatopics such as the energy transition, the Internet of Things (IoT) or the emergence of Smart Cities call for network-capable solutions.

In this intelligent future, self-sufficient, cross-industry control networks – e.g. for controlling traffic, saving energy in buildings or operating the supply and disposal infrastructure in cities – play a decisive key role. 

LON already provides the necessary technology for this. For more than 20 years, LON technology has been successfully used and continuously developed to network networks of almost any size for a wide variety of monitoring and control tasks – from building automation and traffic engineering to the networking of street lighting or petrol stations – with over 130 million devices. Due to its current advantages with its

  • IP addressability all the way to the sensor,
  • unique media variety, such as Ethernet, Twisted Pair, Powerline, Meshed Wireless,
  • interoperability across trades, industries and manufacturers through LONMARK function profiles,
  • Unified network management tools for the entire lifecycle
  • LON technology is ideally suited to meet future requirements for products and systems for self-sufficient, IoT-capable and manufacturer-independent control networks.

About a year ago, LONMARK International (LMI) and LONMARK Deutschland (LMD) initiated a comprehensive reorganization of their activities in order to support manufacturers and users in the development and use of smart product solutions in a wide variety of industries and countries. This has now been successfully concluded with the general meeting of the LMD on 21.06.2018 in Frankfurt am Main.

Both organisations "merge" and bundle their activities under the legal umbrella of LMI, which in future will only be called "LONMARK" to underline this uniform perception. A new multilingual office has opened in the Netherlands to support the European members. 

The new LONMARK bundles all technical and normative activities for the worldwide further development of the technology by internationally staffed task groups. Marketing, on the other hand, is promoted regionally by newly founded task groups and only coordinated internationally.

For this reason, the new "German Marketing Task Group" (GMTG) was formed following the LMD General Meeting. This German-speaking working group is responsible for market support in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and has its own budget for this purpose. 

The extent to which the vision of cross-industry control networks already exists in LONMARK was demonstrated by the participating companies, which travelled from the three countries mentioned and belong to the most diverse industries, such as building and room automation, energy management, industrial automation, security technology and Smart City.

Frank Göschick, Delta Dore spega, was elected GMTG spokesman. His deputy is Horst Kremer-Merseburg, Panasonic Vossloh-Schwabe. The first tasks to be tackled within the task group include the relaunch of the LONMARK homepage, the development of new, cross-sector use cases and the presentation of the market positioning of LON technology in the IoT environment.

Aachen, 25.06.2018