Plug-In Connectivity and PC Performance

Gesytec will showcase its Gipsy Plug-In Embedded PCs at this year’s Embedded World in Nuremberg; components adding PC functionality to devices, enabling the use in networks and providing extensive communication abilities. Available either as DIMM-PC or in PC/104 format they provide PC intelligence and communication to field level control on smallest space.

Network ability and a variety of interfaces are the strength of the Single Board Computers by Gesytec. The Ethernet controller integrated in the modules is mandatory. Several serial interfaces (such as DIMM-PC including 4 and PC/104 CPU Board including 6) allow the realization of gateways, data acquisition, communication nodes, monitoring and control. Furthermore, the graphic features of the PC/104 boards supports visualization on site.

With these plug-in modules the user adds 486 architecture CPUs of varying performance to his devices. The Windows CE SBCs, also running under other Embedded operating systems, can be easily integrated into a design. Criterions for the Gipsy Plug-In PCs are programming under Windows standard, tools general available and common to many software engineers and, worldwide spread Windows knowledge. 

About Gesytec
Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and Embedded PC. A complete range of products is available by Gesytec for automation with LonWorks covering (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC Connectivity solutions ensure remote access from the Internet down to field bus level.