Wireless Temperature Logger

Aachen, Germany, April 15, 2010 – The attribute „wireless“ labels the new Thermo Logger from the GesySense® wireless sensor system by Aachen based Gesytec GmbH. Battery operated, it logs the ambient temperature as a history. Data read-out and configuration are realized wireless. The GesySense Thermo Logger complies with the regulation EC 37/2005 related to temperature monitoring of quickfrozen foodstuffs in warehousing and storage. Thus it is suitable for proof of correct storage temperature.

There is no cable leading to the sensor, no battery change required in years: The Thermo Logger is fast to install and reliably logs the temperature values periodically captured with a time stamp.

Due to its measuring range of -35 °C to +70 °C and the sturdy IP64 housing suitable for comestible storage, the Thermo Logger is just the perfect device for proof of storage temperature of chilled and deep-frozen comestibles. Its memory capacity has been dimensioned for a period of one year. The values can be read-out wireless from a PC using a special radio adapter at any time. The radio adapter and a special communication protocol avoid the data saved in the module to be manipulated or deleted. Thus it meets the requirements of the EC deepfreeze regulation No. 37/2005 on the monitoring of temperatures in the means of warehousing and storage of quick-frozen foodstuffs intended for human consumption.

The GesySense Thermo Loggers provide the user with the freedom to install at any location where a wire would bother. The modules can be installed permanently. They are provided with a unique ID and allow for free assignment of names; thus they also can be flexibly used at different locations as the individual sensor always can be clearly identified.

The Thermo Logger from the GesySense wireless sensor system is a reliable logging device for occasional retrieval of temperature history. If the temperature measurements are required to be continuously available – the GesySense also provides the perfect wireless components for this purpose, even for more than just temperature values.

About Gesytec

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