Delta 1000 GesySense

Receiver and Networked Data Server

Just want to have a look at the latest temperatures of the cold store? No problem: start an internet browser, enter the internet address of the Delta 1000 GesySense® at the plant and here you are.

The Delta 1000 GesySense integrates the functionalities of receiver and data server of the GesySense wireless sensor system. The device captures the values radio transmitted by the battery operated wireless temperature sensors and stores it in archive files. The Delta 1000 is Ethernet connected to LAN or can be access through Internet. All measured values are available.

Current values can additionally be observed in the web server of the device. A table shows the latest value measured by every wireless sensor. A mouse-click on an entry opens the graphical representation of the values.

Using the GesySense wireless sensor system a data logging is easily installed. With Delta 1000 it can be reached from afar at any time.