Easylon VNI Interfaces

The new Easylon VNI interface board for LonWorks® by Gesytec represents a performance step ahead.  Based on the EIA709.1 standard LonTalk® can be implemented in processors other than the Neuron, resulting in tremendous effects as shown by the new Easylon VNI Interface PCI. 

Ever since the LonWorks technology has been introduced there have been PC interfaces for LonWorks by Gesytec. A new quality level is now achieved with the Easylon VNI interfaces: Increased CPU performance, parallel transactions, and multi-client ability. This is realized by using another CPU with implemented LonTalk protocol complying with the EIA 709.1 standard in place of the usual Neuron®, thus eliminating some of the well-known capacity bottlenecks of this 8 Bit micro controller. For the users this adds up to: faster response cycles now determined by the net bandwidth and not by the CPU performance (interesting for tasks such as monitoring) access by several applications, communication with several network domains and the possibility of far more address table entries. This does not mean that the user has to modify his application as the new Easylon VNI interfaces are not only LonWorks compatible and seamlessly fit into LNS networks but also are entirely interface compatible with the common Neuron-based interface cards. Apropos Neuron-based Easylon Interfaces: These will of course be available in future in broad variety and proven quality including complete driver support for the known operating systems. 

The first product of this new range is the Easylon VNI Interface PCI. Initially this interface is available with LNS compatible driver. EIA709.1 compliant PC/104, USB and Ethernet interfaces will follow. The roadmap also schedules routers with the new technology. After realization of a Layer 5 emulation there will be multi-client enabled Easylon VNI interfaces in the familiar MIP variants. 

The new boards are designed to meet the cost/benefit ratio and customers will gain more performance. Customers will also benefit from Gesytec’s long-lasting experience in interfaces and drivers. As in former times Easylon stands for high quality and ease of use. 

About Gesytec

Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and Embedded PC. A complete range of products is available by Gesytec for automation with LonWorks covering (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC connectivity solutions ensure remote access from the Internet to field bus level.