Gipsy MM-SMS – Monitoring By SMS

Monitoring, switching, alert! The Gipsy MM-SMS by Aachen based Gesytec GmbH offers a competitive solution for these applications. Quickly integrated into existing systems it communicates data and alerts by SMS and receives switch commands and targeted queries the same way.

The unit is perfect for distributed systems where a limited number of data points in respect of status and possible limit value infraction has to be monitored and additionally switching tasks have to be fulfilled. The Gipsy MM-SMS allows for straightforward realization of the connection even to remote facilities.

Flexibility characterizes the program of the Gipsy MM-SMS. The data points to be captured are functionally determined using a PC based parameterization. Limit value checks and following actions build up hereon, switch commands and alert routing can be defined. Time schedules are available alike logical interconnections based on fixed or status related criteria. Even remote parameterization can be realized via SMS.

The essential functions of the unit are:

  • Archiving and forwarding of values and statuses.

  • Autonomous alert messaging based on defined alarm criteria. 

  • Remote query of value or status of data points.

  • Receiving and realization of switch commands.

  • Time related switch commands for relay and analog outputs.

  • Live check.

Statuses and readings can be archived either based on a determined time interval or on a value deflection. The archive data is forwarded by a collective SMS. The entire SMS communication is also available at the Ethernet interface of the unit thus allowing the local use of the data.

For connection of field level devices Gipsy MM-SMS provides eight digital inputs (two of them counters up to 1 kHz), two relays, two analog and two PT1000 inputs and, two analog outputs. Versions with integrated or detached GSM modem are available. The Gipsy MM-SMS is a compact top hat rail device with low power consumption and without movable components sensitive to wear and tear.

About Gesytec

Gesytec provides products and services for automation purposes with LonWorks and Embedded PC. A complete range of products is available by Gesytec for automation with LonWorks covering (remote) communication, intelligent periphery connection and network infrastructure. Embedded PC connectivity solutions ensure remote access from the Internet to field bus level.