New OPC Server for LNS

Anybody who had to pass on the advantages of the worldwide used Easylon® OPC Server so far as their LonWorks® networks run under LNS can look forward to an innovation: An Easylon OPC server for LNS will now be available in addition to the familiar version for networks without LNS. 

The new Easylon OPC software for LNS combines the benefits of LNS with the successful philosophy and the advantageous features of the familiar Easylon OPC Server, a success story worldwide. An intuitive user interface displays the LonWorks network as tree structure the way it is built-up by the network management tool, thus realizing a consistent naming structure from the LNS network management tool over the OPC server to the visualization. 

The new Easylon OPC Server L accesses data via LNS in form of data points and monitor sets. Network variables and configuration properties can be used. Monitor sets offer a better performance. Monitoring can be realized via polling or binding. Device resource files are used for formatting, thus ensuring the availability of manufacturer specific formats in addition to standard formats. 

Further features of the Easylon OPC Server L:

  • Generating monitor sets by drag and drop

  • Use of all possible LNS network interfaces

  • Operation as remote client

  • Running parallel in several instances 

  • Simulation mode generating off-line values 

  • SNVT/SCPT or UNVT/UCPT formatting

  • Value writing out of the OPC server 

  • Export and import of the configuration as CSV file

  • Diagnosis of the OPC client interface and the LNS server interface

A fully operational demo version of the Easylon OPC Server L for LNS is available at There you will also find the current version of the LNS-free Eaasylon OPC Server M, which, of course, will be continued and further developed. 

About Gesytec

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