Trade fair report Chillventa 2018


At 9:00 a.m. on Monday morning we packed the last boxes into the car and three of us made the long way from Aachen to Nuremberg. Although the school holidays had started on this day, we made our way through the A3 and A8 motorways and drove to the exhibition area at 4 pm.

Our marketing colleague gave us directions by telephone from the entrance of the fair to the multi-storey car park, so we didn’t have to search for long. We unloaded the car and set off for our booth in Hall 5 with fully packed sack trucks full of catalogues and trade fair gifts.

Arriving at our booth, we called the shipping company who delivered our red retro looking fridge. We quickly unpacked it, took a photo and sent it to our colleagues at Gesytec with the words "Won" – internal bets were placed on whether the fridge would reach our booth in one piece or not.

The booth looked appealing so far, the trade fair constructor had done a good job as always. The only problem was the tangle of cables, which we had to deal with the rest of the days at the fair. A mechanic came and hung up our screen, we set ourselves up for the next few days, then we finally went to dinner. We were disappointed to find that the Greek, with whom we had eaten so well two years earlier, no longer existed. So we rearranged and ate Indian food.

On the first day of the fair, we noticed relatively quickly that light attracts fair visitors. On the one hand we were pleased that our booth was well visited, on the other hand our new catalogues dwindled faster than we could see. We wouldn’t be innovators if we didn’t know how to help each other in times of paper shortage. Without further ado, we put a piece of paper with QR codes on the wall so that visitors to the fair could take our catalogue with them digitally. That’s easier to handle anyway.

Even two full folders with contact sheets ran out on the first day. Fortunately, we were able to have new ones printed on the exhibition grounds. So we were able to cope with the high rush of visitors for at least two more days.

Attracted by a three meter high glowing fish, many visitors came to our booth and stayed interested in our wireless temperature monitoring system from GesySense. The GesySense wireless sensor network ensures that wherever it needs to be cold or hot, temperature compliance is reliably monitored. From the small shop in the petrol station to the supermarket chain, from the deep-freeze delivery service to the restaurant, GesySense ensures the quality of the food everywhere. Highest quality of measurement technology, best ranges, simplest commissioning and longest battery life inspire our customers.

Like the quality of GesySense, our fish made not only curious for more, but also hungry, so one of the employees on the opposite booth was forced to eat fish after work.

All in all, there was a lot of activity at our booth the whole time. After Chillventa 2018, we can clearly answer the frequently asked question of whether trade fairs are still worthwhile in our industry today with "yes". Our gift bags, which had previously been carefully packed by colleagues*, were also completely distributed and many visitors enjoyed Lindt chocolates, cups, ballpoint pens and other delicacies.

We are looking forward to Chillventa 2020!