Trade fair report: UNITI expo 2018

UNITI expo is the leading trade fair of the petrol station world in Stuttgart. More than 300 well-known exhibitors from over 20 countries presented their products and services at this year’s UNITI expo. A varied supporting programme with lectures, seminars, workshops and presentations rounded off the range of exhibitors at Stuttgart’s UNITI expo.


Gesytec positioned itself with a stand in Hall 1 of the exhibition grounds. In our bright red retro refrigerator we introduced our GesySense product range to interested parties.

With the GesySense wireless sensor system, temperatures are automatically recorded and continuously transmitted by radio. This relieves shop operators, restaurant owners, grocers and all those who use GesySense and reduces costs and time. GesySense can be integrated into the existing system without installation effort or risky interventions.

The temperature monitoring factor is also not insignificant for petrol stations. The freezers in the food area in the shop are opened hundreds of times a day. If something breaks or a careless customer does not close the doors, high costs can arise. GesySense can also be easily integrated here and keep costs and work to a minimum. Together with our cooperation partner StationGuide, the most important processes at petrol stations can be organised. The Dalacker & Sohn petrol station shop in Aalen has been successfully using this concept for over a year.


At the UNITI expo we also attached great importance to a joint appearance with StationGuide. StationGuide is highly satisfied with the success at this year’s fair and with the cooperation with Gesytec: "We are pleased to be able to leave UNITI again this year with great new ideas and experiences in our luggage. Particularly valuable for us were the many personal discussions with our long-standing customers, as well as with the new customers we were allowed to get to know. Furthermore, we have found strong partners in Gesytec and Warenwächter, who have made the fair even more exciting and successful for us. We had a wonderful time and would like to thank all visitors and our partners!"


Beside GesySense we presented HD-PLC. Gesytec has been manufacturing interfaces for IFSF compatible equipment for over 20 years. HD-PLC components from Gesytec take Ethernet cost-effectively anywhere via the power line. This eliminates new and costly cabling.

This year’s UNITI expo was a complete success for us. We are pleased that the resulting discussions, which fell under the category of quality instead of quantity, and that we were able to meet not only existing customers but also new interested parties. We are also very pleased with the lively interest in our HD-PLC solution, which Gesytec has developed in cooperation with the chip manufacturer MegaChips. We would also like to thank our stand builder for the smooth running, UNITI expo, the numerous visitors and StationGuide for a successful cooperation.